Pension schemes
Voluntary pensions
Voluntary pension insurance based on single capitalised savings, or Pillar 3, represents single savings of voluntary pension fund members. Companies that manage voluntary pension funds are in charge of voluntary pension insurance. There are open and closed voluntary pension funds. Any natural person interested in making earmarked savings can join an open voluntary pension fund, while closed-end pension funds accept membership applications of natural persons employed with an employer, trade union members, members of associations for the self-employed, or self-employed persons.
Voluntary pension
Pension types
You can arrange with the Croatian Pension Insurance Company (HRMOD) to pay you the pension pot you have saved in a voluntary pension fund, with a partial lump sum payment option of up to 30%, if it has not already been paid by the pension company. You can also set up pension benefit payments on the basis of a lump sum paid directly into the HRMOD's account.
HR MOD pays the following types of voluntary pension benefits:
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Voluntary pension
Payment methods
HRMOD offers the following payment methods for voluntary pension benefits based on savings with a voluntary pension fund:
Pension types
Single pension
Single with a guarantee period
Joint with a guarantee period
Pension types
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