What does the Croatian Pension Insurance Company (HRMOD) do?
What types of mandatory pension schemes can I sign up with the HRMOD?
What does the HRMOD selection process for the payment of pension benefits from Pillar 2 look like?
Which pension is more favourable – a combined pension from Pillars 1 and 2 or pension from Pillar 1 only?
What is the difference between the payment of pension benefits from Pillar 1 and Pillar 2?
Am I required to submit a statement on the pension type regardless of the option I choose?
If I opt for a Pillar 1 pension, what happens to my Pillar 2 savings?
Imam li pravo na jednokratnu isplatu do 20% iz II. stupa?
Što ako ne sklopim ugovor o mirovini iz II. stupa?
What types of voluntary pension payments from Pillar 3 can I set up with HRMOD?
How can I enter into a voluntary pension contract with HRMOD?
How will I know if I am entitled to a partial or a lump sum payment from Pillar 3?
Is there a difference between voluntary pension payments made by HRMOD and other pension insurance companies?
What prerequisites do I need to fulfil in order to claim a voluntary pension?
Submit a request to the relevant pension fund (MD) to transfer your savings amount to HRMOD
How can I be sure to receive regular pension payments?
How and where do you invest the funds intended for pension benefits?
Are pension benefits paid in gross or net amounts?
What does the pension benefit calculation depend on?
What fee types does HRMOD apply?
Do you charge any additional fees when paying out pension benefits?
Can I get personal allowance on account of a Pillar 2 pension?
Are Pillar 2 pension benefits subject to adjustments?
Are Pillar 3 pension benefits subject to adjustments?
Do you charge an exit fee when transferring funds from Pillars 2 or 3 into a HRMOD account?
Who is eligible for a pension supplement?
What is the supplement amount for Pillar 1 pensions?
Is there a supplement for Pillar 2 pensions?
I am a Pillar 2 pension beneficiary, but I still work part-time. What happens to the employer's subsequent contributions to Pillar 2?
Kako se provodi ovrha na mirovini, zaostacima i jednokratnoj isplati?