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Who are we?
The Croatian Pension Insurance Company (HRMOD) is a reliable and innovative company providing pension benefits from mandatory pension insurance based on single capitalised savings (Pillar 2), and voluntary pension insurance based on single capitalised savings (Pillar 3) and direct lump sum payments to the Company's account. It was founded by the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute (HZMO).
About us
Our goals
Ensuring the payment of pension benefits lies at the core of our business. In an effort to always deliver, and even exceed the promises made to our pension beneficiaries, we have set our goals quite high. Cost minimisation, careful risk management and return on investment represent mechanisms that ensure the payment of set up pension benefits in the coming decades.
In addition to the above, we also believe that it is our purpose to simplify, as much as possible, the process of selecting and setting up pension schemes through innovative services and business digitalisation.
Our goal is to be a partner with whom future pensioners can communicate openly on all pension-related issues because good decisions we make now influence our future.
About us
Our vision and mission
Be the leading pension provider and recognised as such by beneficiaries, owners and employees due to a high level of integrity, innovation and knowledge.
Keep the funds safe and provide pension benefits to pension beneficiaries and their successors.
Our values
We guarantee our customers top-quality investments and responsible risk management as well as a proactive approach to new options and pension schemes.
We listen to everything our customers have to say in order to better understand their needs. Our employees are kind, swift and highly professional.
We value credibility in our everyday operations, and take responsibility for business risks and results.
Our activities are based on ethical, fair and highly professional standards. We value straightforward communication, honouring the commitments and promises made.
We approach our new and existing customers openly and with good intentions. We pay attention to what our employees have to say and share knowledge within the Company.
We are focused on long-term goals, all the while achieving short-term ones. We encourage balance between our employees' private and professional life.
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Members of the Board and Supervisory Board
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About us
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Company data
Croatian Pension Insurance Company Plc.
Company headquarters and Management Board location: Gradišćanska ulica 26, Zagreb, Croatia
PIN (OIB): 17448125754
Reg. no. (MB): 5292565
Company reg. no. (MBS): 081322491
IBAN: HR9723900011101137566 Hrvatska poštanska banka
The company was established on 12.03.2020 and entered into the court register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under the company registration number (MBS) 081322491 on 07.08.2020.
The founder of the Company is the Hrvatski zavod za mirovinsko osiguranje (Croatian Pension Insurance Institute), A. Mihanovića 3, PIN (OIB): 84397956623, entered into the court register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under the company registration number (MBS): 080266914.
The share capital of the company amounts to HRK 23,100,000.00 and is divided into 231,000 ordinary registered shares with the code HMOD-R-A, each with a nominal value of HRK 100.00.